SEP Holds Epidemic Prevention Leading Group Meeting

In order to implement the spirit of No. 7 document of SPIC on epidemic prevention and the 35th meeting of the office of SPIC epidemic prevention and control leading group, SEP held the 16th meeting of the epidemic prevention and control leading group on August 9, 2021. Hu Jiandong, the company's Party Secretary, Chairman and Leader of Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group, presided over the meeting. Wei Juliang, the company's Deputy Party Secretary, President and Deputy Leader of the Leading Group, the company leadership and Leading Group members Huang Chen, Xia Meixing, Zhai Deshuang, Chen Wenhao, Li E and Li Feng, and Chief Director Shen Rulang attended the meeting.

The meeting participants heard the report on company's epidemic prevention and control work arrangements by the Office of the company's Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group, analyzed the situation of epidemic prevention and control at home and abroad, deliberated and approved the adjustment plan of the subordinate organizations of the company's Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group, and studied and deployed the next stage of work.

Regarding the next-step work, Hu put forward a few requirements as follows: first, various units should implement the spirit of the relevant documents on epidemic prevention and control issued by SPIC and SEP timely, combine with the actual situation of the local area and the unit, further increase the prevention and control efforts, and ensure the execution of various tasks properly; second, all units should resolutely overcome lack of vigilance, weariness of the war against the virus, fluke mind, slack mood and other related negative mindsets, and the main leaders should direct and deploy the work at the forefront, and grasp the key work of epidemic prevention and control tirelessly; third, go all out to promote the vaccination work and improve the vaccination rate as soon as possible, and various units should strictly conduct the management procedures of the personnel leaving their places of work in accordance with the principle of "Whoever applies shall be responsible" and "Whoever approves shall be responsible", along with the equalization management of the staff of cooperative units to ensure that there are no omissions and no dead ends; fourth, regarding the production sites, construction sites and other key areas featured with large personnel mobility and difficulty of prevention and control, various units should carry out specific prevention and control measures according to the actual situation, and the company's epidemic prevention and control group on production and projects should strengthen the guidance.

The relevant leaders of various departments participated in the meeting.

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