SPIC WeChat:SEP Wujing Power Plant Ensures Power Generation Under Scorching Heat

The employees of SEP Wujing Power Plant boiler auxiliary machine team conduct corrective adjustment of the water pipe for the air pump cooling tower after replacement on the roof platform of the central control building in the hot weather, in order to prevent the stop of the outlet pipe due to uneven gravity, to ensure the effective heat dissipation and cooling of the equipment under the summer heat, and to guarantee safe operation.

The electric welders of SEP Wujing Power Plant boiler maintenance department cooperate with the pulverizer team in the emergency repair of Unit 9 boiler B pulverizer. Inside the sweltering main body bin of the pulverizer, they help heat and replace the damaged parts of the pulverizer such as mill rollers, so as to ensure the thermal coal needed by the unit meets the relevant standards.

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